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Off the Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt?

One of the best things about travel is there's always somewhere new to see or something new to try so no matter how well travelled you are, there's always another adventure to be had.

Back in 1970 Trailfinders pioneered overland travel for those with a yearning to explore beyond package holiday hotspots. Half a century on much has changed, but the desire to show you the wonders of the world has never waned.

Here are some holiday ideas where you can beat the tourist crowds and explore somewhere new...


Mountainous Armenia
Mountainous Armenia was one of the first nations in the world to adopt Christianity and this unique natural and historic mix makes for a fascinating combination.

Your overriding memories will be of countless historic churches and monasteries perched in almost impossibly scenic locations amidst peaks, gorges and valleys.

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Mysterious Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan is perhaps one of the most mysterious countries in Central Asia with a somewhat bizarre recent history that has left it with a unique architectural legacy based around the cult of its former leader Saparmyrat Niyazov.

The capital Ashgabat is a fascinating place to observe this legacy however your lasting impression of this country is likely to be the stark beauty of the surrounding Karakum Desert.

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Astonishing Alaska
By far the largest state in the USA, Alaska offers profoundly beautiful national parks, superb wildlife and charming pioneer townships resting amongst some breathtaking scenery.

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Picturesque Hokkaido
Bursting with natural wonders, Hokkaido is the least populated of Japan’s main islands. The national parks are home to dramatic volcanic peaks, colourful wildflower meadows and untamed wilderness that can be hard to find elsewhere in Japan. The relatively limited infrastructure and remote location means visitors are less than you’ll find further south so for those wishing to experience Japan but with a twist, Hokkaido is a great choice.

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Captivating Kimberley
Vast and sparsely populated, the Kimberley rewards those who travel here with epic scenery. It is also home to unique natural phenomena found nowhere else in the country, including magnificent Horizontal Falls, ancient Aboriginal rock art and even dinosaur footprints. Located at the top of Western Australia, the region is bookended by the sweeping golden beaches of Broome in the west and the waterways of Kununurra in the East, with the legendary Gibb River Road winding through its heart; offering the change to adventure through wild back country, truly off the beaten track.

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Colonial Bolivia
Less famous than its illustrious neighbours, Bolivia is one of the hidden gems of South America, boasting a stark beauty and some of the best preserved colonial cities in the Americas.

In the Salar d Uyuni salt flats, Bolivia has one of the most stunning landscapes on the continent; over 12,000sq km of pancake flat bone white flats that when dry dazzles starkly against the cobalt blue sky and when wet transforms into a glittering silver mirror miles wide.

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Secluded Yukon
Boasting untouched landscapes, towering mountains and isolated communities, the Yukon offers a unique experience in Northern Canada. Summer brings long, light, warm days, ideal for wildlife sightings such as moose, bears and wolves. In contrast, the winter brings darkness and fairy-tale snowy scenes with the opportunity to witness the mesmerising aurora borealis. Be sure to wrap up as temperatures plummet!

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Scenic Newfoundland
Rich in history and culture with warm and hospitable locals, Newfoundland is a haven for intrepid travellers seeking undiscovered adventures in a remote corner of Canada. Stroll St John’s colourful streets or take a boat trip to glimpse an iceberg or a majestic whale. Take the Viking Trail to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites; the geological wonder of Gros Morne National Park and the fascinating former Viking settlement of L’Anse aux Meadows. Best explored with your own vehicle, the province makes for an adventurous fly drive destination.

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Adventurous Sumatra
Sumatra is an adventurous destination of rugged landscapes, traditional cultures and abundant wildlife. Highlights include picturesque Lake Toba, the fascinating culture and architecture of the Batak people and undulating volcanic scenery around Berastagi. The jungle interior of Gunung Leuser National Park is home to an elephant sanctuary and an orangutan conservation centre.

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Beautiful Bhutan
Hidden deep in the eastern Himalayas, the enchanting mountain kingdom of Bhutan has a unique appeal; what other country measures its well being in Gross National Happiness?

Add to this utopian outlook stunning natural landscapes, seductive architecture and incredible people and it’s easy to see why people have called it a real life Shangri-La.

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Wonderful Madagascar
Madagascar is a vast island offering a host of natural wonders and a unique and rich biodiversity.

Deep in the heart of the famous national parks you’ll find lemurs, giant chameleons and prolific birdlife, not to mention some spectacular scenery including rainforests, rice terraces, desert-like plains and the famous Avenue of the Baobabs.

To complete the picture, you’ll discover beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters teeming with marine life. With so much to offer, Madagascar is sure to capture your heart!

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Exciting Ethiopia
Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most spectacular but misunderstood countries. You’ll find rich history, culture and beautiful landscapes throughout this thrilling destination. For history lovers, you’ll find the castles of Gondar, the hidden crypts of Lalibela and the tombs of Axum fascinating. Culturally, Ethiopia is incredibly diverse; the distinctive tribes of the Omo Valley are just one such example of the patchwork of cultures and belief systems that pervade through the country. The greatest views are found when hiking in the Simien Mountains; the sunsets and sunrises are particularly memorable.

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Spectacular South Korea
South Korea is a captivating blend of old and new – a country where towering skyscrapers and the latest technology sit side by side with historic monuments and traditional cultures.

Seoul is every inch the modern capital and boasts the latest in shopping and entertainment as well as traditional markets and historic palaces.

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Magnificent Taiwan
Flying under the radar, Taiwan’s myriad attractions are decidedly off the beaten track. A contrast of vibrant cities showcasing incredible cuisine, picturesque national parks boasting lush subtropical forests and even untouched beautiful coastlines. Visit Sun Moon Lake, set amongst imposing mountains, hike the Baiyang Tail whilst passing cascading waterfalls and enjoy the generosity of the locals whilst wandering around the city of Taipei.

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Cultural Eastern Cambodia
One of Cambodia’s most uncharted provinces, this remote region boasts fantastic scenery with clear volcanic lakes, raging waterfalls and lush jungle. Here you will find some of Cambodia’s most isolated and diverse tribal communities. It is also home to a number of endangered animals such as the Asian elephant and Irrawaddy dolphin. This adventurous area is the perfect place to discover a hidden side of Cambodia.

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